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Our story of how we got into business is probably not a typical one. Just prior to starting our business in March 2008, I found myself without a job and had a young family to take care of. Not knowing where to turn to, I asked God to lead me. It wasn't long before I met a gentleman who was selling wholesale custom golf carts and I quickly found an interest in the business. I started to work with him on a part time basis, free of charge and quickly learned the basics after only a few weeks. He eventually convinced me to open a retail location in a small, vacant store front. The store was roughly 300 square feet with a small shop in the back. It was just big enough to hold a few carts. At this time, I was still buying my carts wholesale from this gentleman and reselling them. As our clientele and business grew, we hired a mechanic to customize our own carts and to provide service. During this time we attended any local functions that would allow us to set up and display carts and would loan our carts to support local functions and events just to get our name out in front of the public eye. Read more.

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